Sunday, May 7, 2017

Why I'm Not Into Star Wars

This blog will probably piss off geeks if they see this. I'm a bit of a geek, but I'm not that geeky into certain stuff. Star Trek doesn't really interest me other than maybe The Next Generation, particularly Captain Picard. Mystery Science Theater looks very stupid and lazy that anyone could do this kind of show. And Star Wars, to me, looks very shallow and boring.

I know it enough through references in mostly comedies. Stuff like Tommy Boy and Toy Story 2 with "I am your father." jokes. Other stuff parodied like in That 70's Show and Tiny Toon Adventures. Props also to Back to the Future for both a Star Wars and Star Trek reference, as well as Spaceballs being a hilarious full blown parody. I'm not really into watching two and a half hour films that is mostly dialogue based with a few twists and few action scenes to break up the monotony. I'm not saying every scene has to have an action scene every five to ten minutes, but it wouldn't have hurt to trim a little bit.

I'm not really into George Lucas stuff, and I'm someone who honestly prefers the Indiana Jones films. That stuff interests me a lot more because of the kind of treasure hunting and stories that lead the characters to dangerous places. The filmmakers want you to believe in the idea that something like the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail are treasures that exist somewhere in this world. Star Wars has the characters you want to see developed really well and the case of good guys vs the bad guys. Just the content looks dragged out and seems too long to get the point across.

I get this isn't what people want to look, but the series doesn't really make me want to watch them compared to Indy. I'm sorry. I'll take treasure hunting over destroying a Death Star.

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