Thursday, May 18, 2017

Psych is Back: TV Movie for USA

Once a cable show is finished, odds are it's never going to get repeats unless you are obsessed with airing it like Chappelle's Show, which Comedy Central can't get over the cancellation in 2005 with 30 episodes. I feel the USA Network doesn't care about their original shows and acquired shows that aren't Law and Order and NCIS. That being said, they are going back to really the show that gave them more shows. Come December, there's going to be a new thing for Psych.

A summer show in July 2006, Psych followed the adventures and shenanigans of Shawn Spencer, played by James Roday. Shawn is a slacker who has a photographic memory thanks to police officer dad, Henry, who trained him to know every little detail in hopes of him being a cop. When he reports a crime and is believed to be the second criminal, he makes the fib that he is a psychic. With his buddy, Burton "Gus" Guster, the two work together, willingly or unwillingly, to help the Santa Barbara Police Department and outsmart bumbling lead detective Carlton Lassiter.

What makes Psych such a liked show is that it does the opposite. It's not your typical crime show where its ultra serious and there's no personality to anybody. For the show, it's filled with a lot of humor, wisecracks, and lots of 80s references. (though not as abusive about it like Family Guy) The characters all fit together in that sense of setting aside their differences and finding that criminal of the week while Shawn and Gus blunder their way through certain things. TVline put up a report last week that USA has given the green light for a television movie that will be set around the holidays.

The Christmas episodes were definitely some of the show's highlights. I'm expecting nothing less than a typical episode. The description that is mentioned is basically someone personal is being targeted. TVline reported that it is being written by Roday and the show's creator, Steve Franks. Roday will also reprise Shawn, as will Dule Hill as Gus. All six main cast members are slated for this project in the article. Timothy Omundson  and Corbin Bernsen are expected to be back as Lassiter and Henry. As will Maggie Lawson and Kirsten Nelson as Juliet O'Hara and Chief Karen Vick. Whether there's going to be some other big guest stars from the past returning is a matter of who was written into the script. Psych managed to get some big names to appear. That really came into full force when they got stars like Tim Curry and John Amos for their second season

The writers weren't afraid of pulling punches. All the main characters have had brushes with death almost. It's still a crime show, but ones that came very close were in the middle of the shows run. Case in point, watch the season finales from season three through six. That being said, it's nice USA hasn't completely forgotten about one of their shows. Especially at a time when their biggest shows prior to July 2006 were Monk and whatever WWE wrestling programs they had.

Even though the show has been off the air for over three years, it felt like Psych ended with an open ending that could lead to bringing it back for specials. In an era where everything is ultra serious with dull uninspired characters, it will feel like a breath of fresh air in December like it was when it debuted over a decade ago. Bring on the pineapples.

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