Thursday, May 25, 2017

Delaying Always Sunny in Philadelphia

If you haven't been in the loop the last few weeks regarding It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, here's a move that really isn't surprising. Season thirteen of probably the most underappreciated comedy has been delayed to 2019. For some, it will be a total shocker. Others, however, will understand this. This is coming at a time when most of the cast is looking beyond the show's future and doing other shows and films.

This came as NBC green lit a new high school show, AP Bio, not too long ago. It is going to star Glenn Howerton as a teacher who acts a bit like Dennis on Always Sunny,  but not that extreme given it's not a cable television show. That being said, this is where people have had their concerns as it was announced just as the season finale of Always Sunny was around the corner. Spoilers for this, but anyone that watched the episode, Dennis decides he is leaving Philadelphia for good and deciding to go to I think North Dakota with a woman he impregnated and the child they had. Other than the end bit where the Gang destroys his Jeep, it's almost a somber ending but in the style that Sunny is always known for. There's a reason why critics have called it Seinfeld on crack.

Howerton isn't the only one that is doing stuff beyond the show. Although he had done some small stuff like Reno 911!, Charlie Day has put up a career as Sunny has been on the air. Films like Horrible Bosses and Pacific Rim, he is probably the only one of the main cast that has made a name for himself in Hollywood, yet gets big laughs as Charlie. Even his wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who plays The Waitress in guest starring spots, has tried television with The Grinder last year before it got canned last May.

I'm sure whatever Rob McElhenney does, he will do fine. His wife, Kaitlin Olson, who plays Sweet Dee, has her own show, The Mick. It has been on the air since the start of this year and Fox is going to give it a second season, so her and Howerton will have their hands full of doing shows that don't film in a month's span. You can't blame these guys for wanting to build careers. I view it as what ifs for the actors. I'm sure they love doing the show, but they want to expand. Last thing anyone wants to have is regrets in not doing certain things. Look at the actress who is the title character in Grey's Anatomy. Being dedicated to a show is great, but you're missing out on doing movies and other stuff.

Does it mean Dennis is gone for good? I don't know. It'll be a matter of seeing what happens. There is time to create possibly a season where he may or may not be in Philadelphia again. The biggest concern they should have is the health of Danny DeVito. He is in his 70s and its only a matter of time before it's too much for him. Last year's season finale saw him almost die from being in the water for so long to get some shots as if The Gang was in a sinking ship. Nevertheless, everybody is just looking to make names for themselves. Even with all the other projects they will do, there will always be It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. People should really appreciate the show before it disappears off the cable world for good.

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