Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Snatched: Box Office Hit or Failure

With yet another glorified Marvel popcorn flick being number one, two new movies this weekend will try to be number as they release just in time for Mother's Day. One of those is the fantasy film, King Arthur. The other, which is the focus for this blog is Snatched. It's a comedy about a mother and daughter who go get kidnapped in South America and try to find a way back to good people. Both films should pull some decent numbers.

I have no intention of seeing Snatched, but I am interested in how it performs in theaters. I see it doing decently, but I can also see it failing. This is Amy Schumer's first film since Trainwreck, which had success in the summer of 2015. Also, when was the last time anyone saw actress Goldie Hawn in a big film? With two different kinds of audiences for the actresses, the demographics could be mixed on certain age and gender.

Playing the other side, I could also see this failing. If it does, my question is who does Schumer blame? A few months ago, Netflix put up a special of hers doing stand up. Suffice to say, it was panned compared to her stuff on Comedy Central. She would go on some rant that it was right wing people that were panning it. My thought is that people don't like her not because of politics, though she has become a fat nut job since the Louisiana shooting that happened with people watching Trainwreck. If it was any other movie, she wouldn't care about the victims. Anyway, people don't find her funny. Stories are told she steals jokes and doesn't put effort into doing jokes. Those are reasons, not because of politics. Schumer has no one to blame but herself for choosing a movie that could fail.

That's all it comes down to. Pick the right movies and you can dominate the industry for a good seven to twelve years. Choose the failures and you will not last five years and find yourself doing minor roles or saving yourself with television shows. I don't think Snatched will fail, but it could. I had the same, though different feeling with A Million Ways to Die in the West. I thought that film would do pretty well with Seth MacFarlane coming off of Ted, which did very well. Instead, it was a dud. If Schumer blames right wings again, she deserves all the hate she gets like she did two months ago.

Netflix rating change because of Schumer

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