Thursday, May 4, 2017

Political Comedy Is Unfunny Today

I can't stand Jon Stewart type comedians. Half the time, I can't tell if they really trying to be funny or if they are serious in what they say. I know it's so easy to mock President Donald Trump, and who wouldn't? George Bush could easily be made fun of. Bill Clinton was mocked a lot, especially when his scandal of Monica Lewinsky went public. But that was a different time where sketch comedy and other programs were able to be smart with their parodies.

Although not a political satire show, The Late Show is basically Stephen Colbert's way of trying to implement what he did on Comedy Central, but with Late Show's own stuff. Of course, he'll do whatever he does to mock politicians.  A few nights ago, he made a homophobic joke about Trump and it led to Twitter uttering the hashtag, #FireColbert for the past day. I really think these Stewart type comedians don't know limitations and when they are crossing the line.

Really, I don't think Trevor Noah is that bad, but I think it's hard to figure what is serious and what should be a joke. On the other hand, dummy Samantha Bee is a god awful comedian. She isn't clever. She is very crude, and not in the good sense. Scripted comedy actresses are better than this bitch. Unfortunately, people will eat up this slop.

I really can't say much on Seth Meyers. Although he fits as a late night show host, his focus on politics is really lame. It's a shame Jimmy Fallon is following this approach since The Tonight Show was more focused on entertainment than all these wannabe Stewarts. And I can't stand Jon Stewart in anything except the movie Big Daddy.

Eventually, all this obsession with Trump and other stuff will get stale and people will tire of the same thing. There's only so much you can do until enough is enough. I don't think, as I said, they know their limitations and never will.

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