I am a young person who has recently gotten into the world of blogging back in February 2017. I felt like there was an opportunity to try something new and make something exciting for people to read as they come through on the Internet. So what am I going after on this blog is down to five things.

1. Video games. I intend on talking about some of the recent stories that go on the industry, celebrate milestones, and many other things.

2. Movies. Every once in a while, this is something I will blog about. It might be something about a specific film, a review, etc...

3. Television. I'm looking at this one as mostly reviews, but I will talk about certain shows. Much like video games, it'll be for stuff like milestones.

4. Sports. This one is a deep love for. Whatever piques my interest in a certain sport, you might find on this blog, whether it's a hot new story heard everywhere or somethings I think that should get attention.

5. Whatever comes to mind. Maybe I might want to talk about a food I enjoy or hate. It could be anything.

Well, I hope this eases someone's nerves as they read what my intentions are for this blog. Happy viewing.

I also run a YouTube channel dedicated to games and can be followed on Twitter


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