Friday, January 19, 2018

NFL Championship Predictions 2018

There were certainly crazy games last week. With that in mind, here comes the Championship Games.

I really didn't think the Jacksonville Jaguars would be in the title game for the AFC. They need more than just luck to get past New England. Nobody expected them to get this far, and their confidence is through the roof. They would need to not give up much on defense, and keep giving Leonard Fournette the ball. Add in issues with Brady's throwing hand, I wouldn't say it will be a close game, but honestly, who knows? People do forget about Dion Lewis being a factor. He could easily shred the Jags. Still though, I'm buying into the underdog. Not to mention Tom Coughlin in the front office. He knows the ways to beat the Patriots. It's why he has two Super Bowls and is part of the Ring of Honor in New York.

Minnesota had probably one of the craziest finishes in playoff history and erased demons of the past. Now there is a chance to play the Super Bowl at home. The last thing the Vikings have in their way is the Philadelphia Eagles. For Philly, it's just pure luck. It's mostly the defense. The question marks lie into how well Nick Foles can play and if the run game will actually get yards. Even with a touchdown, LeGarrette Blount only mustered 19 yards. It has to be more than just defense contributing for Philly. Minnesota needs a mistake free game from Case Keenum, and like the Eagles, get the ground game going. The defense can't bend like it did against the Saints.

Personally, I see a Jacksonville vs. Minnesota Super Bowl. Two weeks from now will be my thoughts on whichever two make it into the big game. Who do you think gets in?

YouTube Videos: January 12-18

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Political Comedy An Unfortunate Crutch

As Saturday Night Live aired yet another set of political sketches, the question that some may wonder is this. Is this kind of humor used too much as a crutch? You might as well say it is now for the last year or so. Seems like anything you hear from comedians is liberal bullshit. There's no equal bashing. I get the world and Hollywood is still bitter over Trump becoming president a year later, but nobody is that bitter, are they?

The fact that in the last few months, several SNL alumni are getting sick of  the political stuff and worry about oversaturation says a lot. Especially when you have someone like Dana Carvey, who was funny as George HW Bush, expressing worry. You watch the show for funny characters. That has always been the glue of these guys. From the Olympia Cafe bits to Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, you want to see them try. They didn't go overboard with both Bush presidents, Bill Clinton and even Obama. I'll blame it partially on these Collegehumor writers taking over as head writers last year, but things could change with last months Weekend Update anchors becoming head guys. Whether all these writers realize the potential fatigue is all another question. 

Even then, you would be able to find something funny in an SNL skit than you would these late night comedians who keep bitching and moaning about Trump, politics, etc... in a never ending cycle. Sadly, these things are what get ratings. You can blame some of it on the unfunny Stephen Colbert, who took over the late show in 2015. It's basically his Comedy Central show, only without the young college guys who do bong shots as his main audience. Jimmy Kimmel can get very vocal about political things. A reason why he struggles at times with Republican viewers ever since the Las Vegas Shooting back in October. Seth Meyers doesn't even surprise me with his late night show. Seems like anything he talks about is Trump before getting his guests and talk to them about life. You don't see anyone like Jimmy Fallon anymore where he just wants everyone to laugh, even if some of the jokes aren't that funny.

Of course, anyone who has seen my blog will know my disdain for the Jon Stewart type comedians. ( from a blog I made back in MayColbert is a prime example. There's still the TBS late night show with the horribly unfunny Samantha Bee. She doesn't even try. She is just another arm chair politician molded like Stewart. At least with some Stewart jokes, you could get a chuckle despite trying to play armchair politician himself. As far as other types go, there is still John Oliver and Bill Maher. Unfortunately, these people get ratings from people whose high priority in life is scoring drugs and figuring out what college to go to if they are smart enough to get accepted. If this is your main source of news, you're better off without it.

With all the stuff going on in Hollywood with the sexual accusations, political sayings, and everything in between, entertainment is a shell of its former self the last few years. Something will change. It's like anything that may be considered overstaying their welcome. Eventually, it could get stale. If things don't change, it will be a collision course of turmoil where even both sides get tired. Making fun of Trump should be put in these shows. Overusing this idea will make things way worse than they should.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Seinfeld: The Busboy Review

The Busboy is a weird episode to air out of order. When it first hit television, it was at the start of summer 1991. Why, I don't know.

In this episode, Jerry, George, and Elaine are enjoying dinner at a nice restaurant. As they discuss things, a busboy puts a menu way too close to a candle. It catches fire and the three caught sight of it with George putting out the flames. A manager comes out to find out what happened, and George tells him of the busboy leaving them there and Elaine making a sarcastic remark.. The result is the busboy being fired, and him giving a glare at George. That persuades him to go to the guy's apartment and apologize to him with Kramer in tow after Elaine helps him find the guy's place.

One issue some executives had was that Jerry didn't have much screen time. That will definitely shock some that the creator and star didn't have a plot despite writing the episode. With the Inside Look, the other members of the cast were happy they were give a chance to shine. Really, Kramer doesn't have much of a story either other than accompanying George to see the busboy. Both of them make things even worse when the busboy's cat runs out of the apartment and. Elaine's story is a boyfriend that she is trying to get rid of. He has to be on a morning plane to Seattle. This is one of the highlights of this episode as she tries desperately to get moving after oversleeping and explaining what happened to Jerry and George with taking him down. Just the breakdown alone at the end is hilarious.

The ending is a weird one considering the whole "no hugging, no learning" mentality. For the busboy, he is happy George got him fired and things are on the up and up. However, he gets in a scuffle with Elaine's boyfriend, resulting in a tumble off screen. That's basic gist for the episode. Elaine has to help her guy and George has to help with the busboy after their injuries. It's a solid episode. Not as good as Pony Remark, but still a good one to watch.

Score: 7 out of 10

Next week, cable hookups get Jerry in trouble

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Big Trouble in Little Ball's World 2

A father should be proud of their children. They also hope for them to succeed in society and do their part of working hard. This does not apply to LaVar Ball, the loudmouth loser who hasn't done a damn thing in his life other then keeping his mouth open. This time, he has criticized the Los Angeles Lakers, the team his son Lonzo plays for. The criticism was stemmed towards head coach Luke Walton, who took over last season and ESPN's Jeff Goodman putting up an article regarding the elder Ball and what he had to say.

I don't even need to know how this was going to happen. LaVar is a moron, and teams are finally noticing how much of a head case he is for the NBA. The fact that other coaches like Rick Carlisle are getting tired of this idiot and ESPN's article, which gave LaVar free reign to say whatever he wanted, shows something that could spiral out of control. Even with criticism from TNT's Reggie Miller about saying the other sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, not having any shot of being in the NBA says a lot as well. This league is banding together to stop a guy, who didn't amount to anything in college basketball, that is trying to cause nothing but trouble. And that's considering most of the family is in Lithuania, where LiAngelo and LaMelo are playing basketball.

Let's be honest. The Lakers haven't done well in the last five years. With a group that is young, it's not always a guarantee that they will be good instantly. This kind of stuff takes time. Walton is going to be given more time to develop them into a solid team. If it pays off, you will see why he was lured away from the Golden State Warriors, where he did very well during Steve Kerr's absence in the 2015-16 season. LaVar needs to understand that. Unfortunately, he is too brain dead to even figure that out. He wants championships immediately and wants to live in the spotlight. The stuff he wanted as a kid and didn't get because he sucked at basketball.

I swear, this guy is going to get him and his family killed. Either that or ruin his boys futures. LaVar is desperate for attention, and unfortunately, is given a huge platform. Hence why I'm writing this. I know I will be writing another one of these in the next month or two because of what will happen during the season and what could come out of his mouth. The NBA has to find a way to curb his behavior. However, the question is, will it be too late? Are they past the point of no return? I don't know. Only time will tell whenever they cross that bridge.

Friday, January 12, 2018

NFL Divisional Round Predictions 2018

A week in the books already and the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs begin Saturday. Let's get to the games.

Saturday's games are the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles match late in the afternoon. The night game is between the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots. With Philly and Atlanta, it comes down to Atlanta beating up on Philly. If Carson Wentz was under center, I would say otherwise, but whoever is starting is going to have a bad performance. If it is Nick Foles, this is going to be different since this isn't the 2013 version that surprised everyone. The Falcons are top 10 defense this year and are very good at stopping the run, particularly refusing backs from getting touchdowns. With the experience of the postseason last year and last week's victory against the Rams, they can ride that momentum to the Championship game. Philly's keys to victory are the defense to not bend, get the receivers going and rely on running the ball. I don't see two of these going well.

Tennessee was a shocker in their victory against Kansas City. Now they have the task of stopping New England and hoping to make it back to a Championship game for the first time since 1999. It is only their seventh appearance in the postseason since the start of the 1994 season and they need perfection to even pull another upset. Marcus Mariota needs more than just luck as the Patriot defense struggled throughout the year, ranking second to last in pass defense yards given up and in the lower half for rush defense yards. Obviously, New England's passing is at the top, but the question is the defense and if the ground game will show up like it did the last two games of the year. I'm all for the upset with Tennessee, though realistically, it's a losing effort for coach Mike Mularkey.

Sunday's games are two rematches from this season. The early game is the Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers, while the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings are the final game of the Divisional Round. Jacksonville gave Ben Rothelisberger one of his worst games ever, picking him off five times. Their defense is good, but their magic won't work Sunday. The offense was putrid against Buffalo, and the Steeler defense will pulverize Blake Bortles. Leonard Fournette will struggle for yards and the Jaguars will be having issues scoring points. A lot can happen between October and January. The Steelers will win. How much they will win by is a question mark.

Week one saw the Vikes and Saints in a Monday Night game with Minnesota notching a victory. These are the two best teams not only in the NFC, but the entire league. They can throw the ball well and attack on the ground with duo running backs. The defenses can create turnovers and make big plays when necessary. Minnesota has to stop the Saints rushing prowess, which has run rampant throughout the season. Shut down Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, they will get their victory. Calm Case Keenum and he will do fine in his first playoff game. New Orleans has to put a lot of pressure on Keenum to make him throw a costly interception. Stop him and Latavius Murray, and a Championship game for the first time since 2009 (Both faced each other in the NFC Championship that year) will be theirs. I'm buying into Minnesota solely on their defense. Either way, this might be the best match up for the playoffs.

Next week, we will discuss the Championship games.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Net Neutrality Hell

Some people will label high powered individuals as the worst. Ajit Pai may be someone many will not care for, especially for what he did last month. He repealed Net Neutrality, and the result is a lot of death threats. It has gotten to the point where he cancelled an appearance at a CES show. This isn't the first time an FCC chairman or something of this caliber has resulted in this kind of nonsense. Why the anger over this?

For the last six years, there have been fights to get rid of Net Neutrality. I remember when SOPA was the big thing in late 2011, early 2012. Lots of people responded by fighting back. That seems to be the case for this recent repeal as big corporations plan to fight back. What Net Neutrality gives is the inability to charge extra for certain sites or additional speed. With it gone, phone companies and/or providers can make it harder to access a frequented site in order to squeeze out more money. While it is a little uncalled for these people to issue death threats to Pai, you can't blame them.

I'll just say this. Not everyone makes 50 grand a year and lives on having all sorts of channels and high speed internet. Some resort to cutting the cord or using only a few sites. If one of these sites were to not work or be very slow, they may not have any choice due to their budget. The average person has to survive on paying bills for their house, car, dental, etc... if they even have a decent paying job.

Sometimes, Congress and other high powered chairmen individuals don't understand the working men and women that bust their asses for 40 plus hours. People like Pai don't care. But they better get used to this kind of hell. It will be a lengthy battle for having strong internet freedom and the ability to not worry about providers slowing you down on purpose. This is far from over.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Seinfeld: The Pony Remark Review

Season 2 of Seinfeld started to rise in what made the show great. The Pony Remark is not just a good episode. It's a great one. For the title of it, it has the involvement of Jerry's family and people you will never see again. It is a couple's 50th anniversary and Jerry, Elaine, and Jerry's parents go to it. This is the first time seeing Barney Martin's take of Morty. It is also the first time seeing the obnoxious but funny Uncle Leo, played by the late Len Lesser. Both characters really add to the humor.

At the dinner, Helen mentions horses to Manya, the wife of the 50th anniversary couple. Jerry and Elaine make conversation about that and ponies, with Jerry saying he hated people with ponies. Manya reacts negatively to it. He tries to damage control what he said, even after she leaves the room. It is one of the funniest moments for this episode. The next day, Jerry gets a phone call and finds out Manya died. 

Whether or not you want to view this as Jerry's remark killing Manya is up to you. Anyway, that's the main plot, The funeral has some funny scenes with him, Morty, who tries to avoid paying full fare back to Florida by airplane, and Elaine. She tries so hard at getting Manya and her husband Isaac's apartment.For this episode, she is consistently funny throughout it and one of the shining moments so far for the character.

There isn't much to the B-plots. Jerry has a championship game in softball. George isn't seen until halfway through the episode. It's strange. There's not anything, but he is part of the softball team as well. Kramer's plot is building levels in his apartment and making a bet with Jerry about doing it. He doesn't do them and doesn't adhere to the agreement of going out to dinner for not building the levels. Just the argument before and after the bet is hilarious due to Jerry believing in the project failing and flipping out when Kramer doesn't want to do it.

It's a constantly funny episode. They make good use of the parents. Leo's debut is good. With exception from George, the use of the main four was getting better and funnier. All the ingredients necessary to make an episode really worth watching.

Score: 8 out of 10

Next week's review is George trying to make peace with a busboy.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

NFL Wild Card 2018

Another season, another set of NFL playoffs have started once again, beginning today. Here are some quick thoughts and predictions.

Today's games should be an easy one. The early match up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans is one sided favored towards the Chiefs. Offensively, they are an explosive bunch and the defense can hold its own and play well. With questions on both sides for the Titans, Arrowhead should be happy to get a win unless there's some unforseen circumstances like blowing it against the Colts four years ago. On the other side is the LA Rams having their first home playoff game in Los Angeles since the 1989 season against the Atlanta Falcons. Both sides can play with tough running games, defenses that don't give up, and good arms to throw the ball. It all depends if Atlanta can keep up and hang in the game, but the Rams seem destined to get into the Divisional Round. That's who I think advances.

Sunday's matches could see any of these four win. The early game is the Buffalo Bills going up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Buffalo could win, but it all depends on LeSean McCoy actually suiting up from last week's ankle injury. They can prevent passing touchdowns, but the run defense is one of the worst. Facing the number one rushing team is a huge task, as well as Tyrod Taylor needing a perfect game. It should be in the books as a Jacksonville win, but don't rule out the Bills entirely. Blake Bortles could throw interceptions and rely on Leonard Fournette to help the Jags. I think it goes to Jacksonville winning. The question is: How much with they win by?

New Orleans and Carolina are the last match of the weekend. For the Saints, a much better defense and a punishing ground game bolstered them into the playoffs. That's who I see going further into the postseason. As strong as Carolina's rushing is, it is inconsistent. The passing is far from great, but not horrible. It all depends on how the defense can perform. They can pull off an impressive win, but every facet has to be near perfect. Any mistakes, and it could be a blowout.

Next week, we will look at the Divisional Round and who should advance to the Championship game.

NFL Championship Predictions 2018

There were certainly crazy games last week. With that in mind, here comes the Championship Games. I really didn't think the Jacksonvil...