The Simpsons Shorts: Scary Stories, Grandpa and the Kids Reviews

Short #18: Scary Stories

This kind of story is so cliched, this shouldn't be funny. However, it is. It plays on that idea of fear that kids have when they hear about certain things. The writing plays it off very well and gets some good laughs as Bart scares himself and his sisters by telling them scary stories. Groening worked on the idea of what a kid's mind goes through. Overall, a solid short that you wouldn't have thought would be good.

Score: 7 out of 10

Short #19: Grandpa and the Kids

This is the first short to feature a recurring character that didn't debut on the show. Hence the title, it's Grampa Abe Simpson. As far as character modeling goes, they got him down right the first time. Not to mention improvements in how the other characters looked as well as the backgrounds. For this one, Abe does sound a little frail compared to his show counterpart and is like a normal grandfather, though with a mischievous side at the end. It'll definitely feel strange…

YouTube Videos: June 9th-15th


The Simpsons Shorts: World War III, The Perfect Crime Reviews

Short #16: World War III

There was still a fear of the Soviets when this short of The Simpsons debuted in November 1987. It's not one that is funny until the very end as the family reluctantly does Homer's drills. Another thing I would say is that it's weird seeing Homer in charge. If today's version did this, he would injure himself. It's more of a short to look at in a retrospective sense. Back then, countries were fearing the worst when everybody had nuclear weapons. The only other bright spots include better looking and improved parts of the house, as well as small improvements in the character modeling on a few of the Simpson clan.

Score: 6 out of 10

Short #17 The Perfect Crime

Who doesn't want a cookie? Marge bakes up some chocolate chip ones and Bart finds the opportunity to eat them with no one noticing other than Maggie. It's such a mundane concept, but it works so well. This is a great short that showcases the kind of troublemaking Bart does and t…

YouTube Videos: June 2nd-8th


The Simpsons Shorts: Space Patrol, Bart's Haircut Reviews

Short #14: Space Patrol

I'm finding it amazing how much abuse Bart takes in these shorts. He really was the mascot for the Simpson family way before he became huge (or infamous if you are the Bush family). Space Patrol is slapstick with the girls taking advantage of Bart with a vase on top of his head. It works effectively and isn't overly done. Even Maggie gets a few licks at her alien brother. This is a pretty good short that will have you chuckling throughout the entire thing.

Score: 7 out of 10

Short #15: Bart's Haircut

Cursing back in 1987 was not a new thing, but to see that in animation would feel strange. Check out The Transformers: The Movie on YouTube for the few curse words they had. For The Simpsons, even with the show, they're not one to push many buttons in that category. Unlike Family Guy and South Park, they don't abuse the concept, even with Bart saying hell in this short and having "Who the hell are you?" as a catchphrase in the show'…

YouTube Videos: May 26th-June 1st

More of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and NASCAR 98

Wanted: Griffin's Head

It amazes me that people are still pissed about last year's Presidential election. You can tell with all the Jon Stewart type idiots like the unfunny bitch Samantha Bee and unfunny loser Stephen Colbert. Despite my complaints on these two, they look like saints in comparison to what Kathy Griffin did. What she did has got to be one of the lowest things anyone famous could do, even if she isn't an A-list person. Even though I've tried to stray from politics, this is one that can't be ignored as far as entertainment goes.

A quick brief on Griffin, she is a comedian. In the 90s, she appeared as a guest star on sitcoms like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Seinfeld, the latter where she is a pain in Jerry Seinfeld's ass. She has never really had fame and has tried for years to be successful, but nothing has panned out. Now these days, she hosts CNN's New Years with CNN host Anderson Cooper. Now I think she has no career now. Griffin had a photo shoot and did images …

Will Bryce Harper Grow Up?

It's interesting to see people my age enter many things. This includes Bryce Harper and his baseball career. He was the first overall pick in the 2010 draft by the Washington Nationals. He makes the big leagues in April 2012 and has continued to play heading into this year. His numbers are respectable, though he could be a little better. The stat line for career numbers is over 700 hits, over 130 home runs, over 130 doubles, four All-Star appearances, Rookie of the Year, and the 2015 NL MVP. Yet, he still finds himself getting suspended.

Eventually, this is going to be tiring. Against the San Francisco Giants on Memorial Day, Harper gets hit by reliever Hunter Strickland. Harper throws his helmet, starts throwing punches and instigates a brawl. Now, there is some bad blood supposedly as Strickland gave up a home run to him back in 2014 when the Nats and Giants met in the playoffs. Harper hit some home runs off of him and just looking at the videos, I didn't notice anything tha…

The Simpsons Shorts: House of Cards, Bart and Dad Eat Dinner Reviews

Short #12: House of Cards

Like some of the other shorts, Matt Groening went with something mundane. To be honest, there's not enough comedy out of this one where Bart builds a house of cards. Not much else can be said. I like seeing failure and getting some laughs out of it, but it wasn't funny. Even Lisa's dialogue didn't come off as something to get a chuckle of. A pretty forgettable short.

Score: 5 out of 10

Short #13: Bart and Dad Eat Dinner

Homer's not always the best choice to cook food. Check out the show's Season 7's Homer the Smithers where he makes Mr. Burns breakfast and burns everything. For this short, he's tasked of making food for himself and Bart. It's one of those that starts off pretty slow and gets better. This takes off when Bart is forced to eat the mix of fish nuggets and pork a roni. All I'll say for the ending is that it's a very sweet one with you getting a laugh. Not it's strongest short, but one of the better o…

Reviewing: Quantity, Quality, or Both?

There will be no blog tomorrow. I will be back with some reviews of more shorts of The Simpsons on Tuesday. Now let's get to today's blog.

On a game website, a user was looking into doing reviews of various games and wanted people to look at them and give him feedback. Some have given him some stuff that could be improved and work better on it. A few others, on the other hand, have been vocal and think it's not worth doing. I've taken a look myself and it looks like quantity for now. As the title suggests, is it quantity, quality, or both that helps with reviews?

I really think you can do both. However, the effort has to be put into doing the reviews. That's the biggest issue. Looking at the guy's reviews, they look to be done with even below the minimal effort. This is the kind of stuff that might make a game magazine if it isn't one of the big games on the corner of a page. Now, minimal reviews aren't always a bad thing. The issue is how much depth do…