Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Labo: Nintendo's Hit or Miss Project

I have been wanting to discuss Nintendo's latest ideas, but other blogs have gotten in the way. Without further adieu, let's talk about the Labo. It was announced a month ago and plans are to release towards the end of April of this year. I see this thing being a big question mark.

With Labo, you use materials and cardboard to build things around a Switch system. This is one of those things that is geared towards little kids. A do it yourself kind of product. That is where I would have concerns if I were Nintendo. This has the potential to do very well, but it could also backfire and the company would have a lot of egg on its face. They have understood at times since 1980 what kids want, but it comes off unnecessary.

I would think this is geared towards 8-12 year olds, but who knows. Those are the kind of kids that certainly would have some interest. The question would be how interested and their attention spans surrounding Labo. At the same time, how often will they use the product and not only use it, but also change it to something else. That or losing the cardboard or running out of materials. The price is a bit questionable. For 70 dollars, I'm not sure parents will bite immediately onto this. Especially for a system that sells controllers for that price.

I would be a bit skeptical despite the huge acclaim it has gotten since it's reveal back in January. If it does well, so be it. If it doesn't, well, it would show Nintendo's incompetence at understanding the market. Only time will tell come the end of April. The Switch needs quite a bit to keep going strong in its second year. For as unorthodox as it is, it could pave the way to covering more demographics.

A Year of Blogs: What's the Future?

It has been a year since I started doing blogs. The first one was about a game project called RetroBlox (now named Polymega). For the first few months, I was pretty green with doing something like this. Once I did a review of a public access show that aired in the 90s, did it start to pay off a little bit. I learned more as I continue to gain experience from doing blogs. I learned ways to promote the content and to get people to read them. Hopefully this can grow into a big second year and achieve more than 10,000 views in its second year by February 2019.

I'm still working a job, but that doesn't mean I have given up on this. Blogs take time to become huge. For that, I thank anyone who has been able to read any of what I have written over the past year. My goal is still the same. To talk video games, TV, film, and sports. There are lots of stories to go on about in so little time.

Enjoy the past ones, and enjoy the ones that become current and the ones in the future. Here's to a good year 2.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Seinfeld: The Apartment Review

Seinfeld's first season episode, The Robbery, featured Jerry, George, and Elaine wanting new apartments. The Apartment focuses more on Elaine and the relationship/friendship aspect of both her and Jerry.

Jerry hears commotion from two guys. They mention a neighbor above him died. A search for a new tenant is resolved when he suggests giving it to Elaine. He gives her the news, we see a get out and shove. Jerry instantly regrets the decision, explaining what he did to George later at night. You can't blame him for not thinking this through immediately. Just the idea of an ex-girlfriend living in your building is something that no one wants to think of. It delivers a bit of tension and humor to the situation.

With that in mind, Jerry can't think of anyway to get rid of Elaine. The same two guys, Manny and Harold, cause commotion again, and he hears after talking to them in the building hallway that Manny is getting the apartment for five thousand dollars. He gets a plan to disappoint Elaine, which works well until Kramer opens his mouth about money not being a factor.

The rest of The Apartment has Jerry trying to find a way out and the ending for it is very interesting that makes it very funny and that not every show gets a happy ending. For the B plot, George decides to do an experiment. A friend of his got married and single women are flocking to him. He gets a wedding band from Kramer that belonged to his father. It's disappointing that they didn't try in multiple, but then it would detract from the main story. With what they put in, it's hilarious. Just the stuff women say to him with the ring on makes him the reason to be called "lord of the idiots."

Kramer doesn't have much for this episode. He puts mousse on his hair and adds to the A plot for Jerry and Elaine. It's amazing regarding the evolution of his hair and how crazier it looked as the show got further into the 90s. Writer Peter Mehlman makes good use of guest stars Tony Plana and Glenn Shadix without them overstaying their welcome in the episode as Manny and Harold. Giving a new writer a chance paid dividends. A solid episode in its own right. A decent main plot that gets laughs with a great B plot showcasing how low someone can get.

Score: 7 out of 10

Next week's episode review is an episode that didn't air during Season 2.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

You're Not Special, LeBron James

You can thank the NBA for giving their league freedom to say whatever they want. Especially for silver spoon players like LeBron James. With the shooting at Parkland Florida, the Cavalier took his shots at President Trump, putting his hand into politics yet again. A Fox News anchor, Laura Ingraham blasted at James and added in a hashtag Shut up and Dribble. Of course, both sides are met with criticism with certain Hollywood people siding with James, and others siding Ingraham.

It is a little uncalled for on Ingraham's side, but she's right. Anybody who thinks this is a race issue needs to stop with that. James wants to be involved in some way. He's an attention whore. He wouldn't understand a thing about politics. He's no different than the average person when it comes to hot button issues. This guy is basically a loser with a high school education. People worship James, and it gets sickening when they believe every thing he does or says. If it were Gregg Popovich or Mark Cuban, or Kevin Durant, we'd be hearing the same thing from Ingraham about saying they should shut up.

It's sad that Adam Silver doesn't do anything to calm this stuff down. This is also the same guy that refused to punish New York Knicks owner James Dolan for his treatment towards disgruntled fans. Is the commissioner of the NBA too chicken or scared to do anything to these guys? They gotta have some restrictions at some point of what you can say. You represent the NBA, show a little respect.

On the other side, Ingraham seemed destined for attention. She could have gotten her point across without relying on a hashtag. Both of this stuff is heat of the moment. Lots of sports fans in support and hatred for James. Vice versa for the anchor. Hollywood dummies like Ellen Pompeo have spoken and said their word. It's a never ending cycle and it's going to keep happening.

I doubt Fox News will change what they do. Same with the NBA. Silver does need to put his foot down on this. There's a fine line between saying your opinion and getting involved in politics. He needs to quit wimping out and delivering punishments to non-NBA game related stuff. If he keeps allowing this, it's going to get much worse with how the players and coaches act when it comes to politics.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Can We Prevent Future Shootings?

As I make a blog about what happened in Florida this week with yet another school shooting, I see the same usual thing. One group of people (such as the moronic LeBron James) want guns banned, blame politics, yada yada yada. The other side defends the use of guns and want to find reasons for why the bad guy did such a tragedy. The sad reality of this one, however, is that the FBI was notified back in September of Nikloas Cruz's comment on a YouTube video back in September.

If Ben Bennight's name hasn't been mentioned a lot other than the news, you'll know it on the Internet. Articles are going on that back in September last year, he noticed a video comment from Cruz, saying he was going to be a school shooter. That comment got Bennight's attention and it led to him calling the FBI in Mississippi where the vlogger lived and was asked questions not too long after that. With this shooting popping up, he was questioned again about knowing Cruz. He didn't.

While it is common to see threat comments on YouTube because of anger, something like saying they want to be a school shooter should raise red flags. The FBI has been an incompetent group for a very long time due to various reasons. They had a huge opportunity four plus months ago to question this, and they blew that. It's sad that this had to happen, but they could have prevented this from happening. This is a black eye to the United States.

To be honest, I don't know what can prevent shootings in the future. The FBI has to be a lot better at taking a school shooter comment seriously. Banning guns is not going to solve anything at all. Neither is any gun reform, firing of politicians, or any of that. There isn't a simple answer. It's very complicated with all sorts of red tape that it could still be a problem when there are new generations of people once we are gone from the world.

We have a lot to do to look at things like mental health, the shooter's history, and any other things that don't seem right. As usual, people look for scapegoats like video games. Instead of shifting blame on a medium or the NRA immediately, let's find the cause of the person's problem and use it as a way to future steps of preventing these kind of shootings from happening. If we can, we can build a better future and people won't have to worry about a psycho on the loose. Otherwise, we're going to keep seeing the same whiny liberals and the very defensive conservatives butt heads over and over like a running gag.

YouTube Videos: February 9-15

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What Are Girls Wants and Needs?

This isn't a Valentine's topic, but a relationship one overall for guys and maybe girls who have some frustration. Personally as a guy, I'd love to go on a date with a girl. Develop a relationship in hopes of getting married, have kids, the usual shtick. But what drives a girl to want someone in their life? That significant other?

Well, that depends on what they want and what they need in their life and relationship ideals. I would say they would want someone intelligent and vice versa. There might be a few that get tired of the low IQ ones and break off the relationship. As far as looks go, I think there has to be a little bit of competence. While girls might vision a Fabio or some model, they have to be realistic about the person being average looking or at least have a nice face. Of course, there is the common interests aspect. Sometimes, opposites do attract for specific reasons. There are girls that are into the outdoor scene. Things like fishing, hiking, the whole nine yards. Then there is the ones that are geeky, or homebodies.

That being said, you do gotta be careful with girls personalities. They might have a political side that might be different from yours. Having their own kids from a previous relationship might be a huge obstacle depending on that situation. While guys do get the brunt of having affairs, girls are capable of doing affairs of their own, so I would be a little cautious. There's a lot of things, but it's up to both sides to say whether or not they want to be together.

Overall, just be yourself and don't get nervous like me. Have the confidence to begin a relationship and let it grow into something special.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Seinfeld: The Phone Message Review

I'll give the skinny for why The Phone Message exists. An unmade episode, The Bet, was cancelled quickly, and Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld wrote this very quickly. If you want more into the cancelled one, check out my blog. The Phone Message is based on stuff that happened to David and on the Inside Look, a canned skit he wrote for Saturday Night Live.

It's a Jerry and George episode, mostly George's. He explains to Jerry about going on a date with a girl after being called a wuss at work. It's an interesting concept. The date with goes actually well. Jerry has a date, too, and it goes successful as well. Both go downhill. George's date, Carol, asks him to go up for coffee and he declines. The regret he has is funny. Jerry goes back to his place with his date, Donna. A discussion of funny material leads to talk over a Dockers commercial. He hates it, she likes it.

George becomes obsessed with what happened and he leaves a phone message. He leaves a few more and fears the worst that Carol will hear what he had to say and responding a few days in a row. In Elaine's only scene in the episode, she talks about a brother in law doing something stupid on an answering machine and switched a tape at the person's apartment. It leaves George doing the idea and getting Jerry to help him out.

The only thing I'll say with the last part of the episode is that it feels like an advanced version of The Stakeout except for a few different reasons. Jerry and George's banter is funny and they feed off each other very well. Just the concept alone is good. Jerry's story is just the Dockers thing with Donna. It reminds me of some episodes when the show got big where Jerry talks certain things about his dates to his friends and the dates getting pissed. Though the last of his story is not necessarily his fault. As I said, Elaine only has one scene, but it is pivotal. Kramer only has two scenes. One is a stand up bit for Jerry and pissing off Donna in the other one for the Dockers thing.

It could be worse. Not a bad episode, but definitely comes off as a first season episode.

Score: 7 out of 10

Next week's review is another apartment searching episode.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Bet, An Unmade Seinfeld Episode

Any TV show will have plot ideas that either are shelved, revised or brought back. Like most, Seinfeld has ones that never saw the light of day. It's most famous one almost made it to production, but didn't because of how uncomfortable the cast was. That would be The Bet or The Gun in this short blog

You're going to have a hard time finding the inside look of it since it's near impossible to find, so I'll go by what I've read on articles and any recollection from watching the inside look. For the episode, Elaine thinks about arming herself with a gun for protection in a bet against Jerry. Another bet consists of George and Kramer in one whether or not Kramer had sex with a flight attendant. They had stuff set up for this. They had guest stars, a set. Everything seemed to be in order when they started production in late 1990.

Then again, this was written by Larry Charles. As I've said in The Baby Shower review, his type of episodes were dark plots and absurd moments. His script got the main cast feeling very uncomfortable. Just the stuff that he wanted Julia Louis-Dreyfus to say would send a chill down your spine. I know this is a sitcom and all, but this would have been a banned episode or at least controversial if this was filmed and aired. References to assassinated presidents would not have helped. Gun related humor for the most part is typically unfunny, especially for a show that had struggles early on.

This is why The Phone Message exists. I'm sure that the crew had to keep Charles at bay with his material. There's a lot of things you can get away with in film and channels like HBO, but not prime time networks. Luckily, he calmed a bit and while he still wrote dark stories, they didn't go completely overboard like this unmade episode.

Labo: Nintendo's Hit or Miss Project

I have been wanting to discuss Nintendo's latest ideas, but other blogs have gotten in the way. Without further adieu, let's talk ab...