Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Head Hunting: When Will It Stop?

Bad blood is imminent in any sport. Things can go from peaceful to rowdy with one play. That's why I do blogs and not play in major sports. If I were in one, I would act like an enforcer in hockey. I would want to knock people out. That being said, Matt Barnes of the Boston Red Sox should know that just because something bad happen to one your teammates doesn't exactly mean you go after the person that caused the bad thing to occur.

This past weekend, the Red Sox faced the Baltimore Orioles.  It's been a close battle for first between these two and the New York Yankees to begin this young 2017 season. The Friday game was the main source for what would lead to a four game suspension. Oriole player Manny Machado slid into second base and hit with his cleat Red Sock Dustin Pedroia. Looking at it, there was malicious intent, I see it as accidental, even with the late slide. Apparently, Barnes did not see it that way and what he did Sunday is nothing short of embarrassing and very dangerous. Late in the game, Barnes throws at Machado's head and he gets ejected from the game. Words are exchanged between Pedroia and several Orioles.

Whether he wants to say it was accidental or not, that was a very sore thing to do. Certain teams are trying to prevent facial injuries, especially when Giancarlo Stanton got plunked in the face back in 2014. Some of the Chicago Cub players have a helmet that protect the side of their face. There's a few other teams in the National League are doing that as well, and I hope this is something that is required by Major League Baseball. I get Barnes was frustrated at Pedroia getting hurt, but what he did could really damage someone. At worst, it could be death, even with the helmet. I'm reminded just now of an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets kicked in the head while wearing a helmet and is lucky to be alive, but acts weird in the next episode.

This is simply bad blood that could be seen throughout the season and maybe even the playoffs in October. I would not be surprised if it gets to where a brawl may ensue. For now, the Red Sox are going to have to pay for this with Barnes' suspension and rightfully so. Machado is someone who has had a few incidents himself, but compared to a bat incident in Oakland in 2014 and a fight last year in a game against the Kansas City Royals, he should not be blamed for this.

There's all these unwritten rules, regardless of sport, but this kind of unwritten rule could get someone killed. Hopefully, it's a few lifetimes from now where this kind of incident happens, but this isn't entertainment nor funny to hit someone like Futurama's take on baseball in one episode. It's a matter that shouldn't have occurred and casts baseball under a dark shadow.  I get hitting someone in the leg or foot, but not anywhere from the back up to the head. What a stupid thing to do.

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