Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Health Issues and the Famous

Another day, and you hear about another death of a Hollywood celebrity. If people thought Bill Paxton's death was very shocking, I wonder how much shock there is on Charlie Murphy. Today, he passed away from a battle of leukemia at the age of 57. Similar to other deaths, you want to hear if it's legit. I don't really trust TMZ, because they are nothing more than paparazzi losers. It is confirmed by other sites beyond them. The last thing you think about is someone having some health issue that you wouldn't think otherwise.

Sometimes, you don't want things leaked to the press or tell them what has happened to you. For some of these celebrities or famous individuals, they don't want to be bombarded with all sorts of questions that otherwise become the number one topic for who knows how long. For Murphy, he probably wanted to continue on with doing his work as an actor without having the media breathing down his neck. Considering he has seen heartbreak with the passing of his wife due to cancer in 2009, you would think he would talk about his situation a little bit. You know what, it is his personal life, though. He has the choice to talk about it or not.

One actor that comes to mind for me is Michael J. Fox. For over 25 years, he has had to deal with Parkinson's Disease every day. When he found out about it in 1990, he decided to not say anything to anybody outside of family. That would come to a complete stop around the end of the decade, where he opened up on what he has suffered. Now these days, he focuses on trying to find a way to cure this disease and give awareness to it. In one of the biggest stunts to understand Parkinson's, Fox spoke in front of a Senate committee. He did not take any medicine and as it showed, you saw the effects of what would happen without keeping it at bay. Luckily, he's still around, and still trying to find the cure. He's even made fun of himself in stuff like Curb Your Enthusiasm, where he manages to get Larry David kicked out of New York City.

For a guy that had the nickname Sweetness, NFL player Walter Payton had issues that were anything but that. In early 1999, he announced to the public that he had liver disease and decided to get people aware of donating organs. At the start of November, he unfortunately succumbed to bile duct cancer. For me, I don't know how long he had this, but he could have been saved if his liver disease wasn't that severe before he announced it. Some people, famous or not, don't try to find a solution to their problems. By the time they do, it is too late. The treatment you get may not be enough, but you might be able to defy the odds, like ugly suit (and overrated) reporter Craig Sager. If only people could make that initiative when they find out and immediately attempt to get it dealt with.

Whether or not you view this next guy as a good or bad person, it's still a shocker he passed. Satoru Iwata took over as President of Nintendo in 2002. He oversaw the big rise of the DS handheld and Wii home console in 2004 and 2006 respectively. However, he was part of some of the big screw ups of the company, like not embracing online for the GameCube and the disaster of the Wii U. After 2009, they started to struggle and his approach at times was subject to huge criticism. Even though he still continued on, he noticed health issues a year before his passing and died from bile duct caner due to a tumor in July 2015 at the age of 55. Stress is a major issue. When you're in the level that Iwata had, your decisions will affect the outcome of a whatever you are in charge of. There probably was some from of panic, especially when Wii U didn't put up the numbers Nintendo did. You hear a lot of things of overworked people, and stuff like ulcers, but it happens to everybody in a company. It's sad, but unfortunately, it may hurt you at some point.

Out of all the people, you wouldn't think of someone like Charlie Murphy passing too soon. Wherever he is now, I'm sure Prince and Rick James will talk stories with him and maybe the Chappelle's Show skits. It's a shame.

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