Saturday, April 29, 2017

Speed Limits Are Necessary

Safety will always be a concern for driving on the road, no matter where in the world you are. One of those aspects is the use of speed when using the car. That's why we have speed limits in certain parts of the world. Some people in areas like Germany have highways like the Autobahn where there are no limits. Judgment has to be made on how fast you want to go. Unfortunately, some people think that going faster will get them quicker. Maybe a couple miles isn't bad to some, but when it's excessive at 5 to 15 miles more than the actual limit, the cops will breathe down your neck and catch you.

It happens in village and town limits. Citizens wonder why the cops are in the town. That should be very obvious. I get 30 miles an hour is a bit slow for a limit, but it's there for a reason. In areas where children may be present or individuals walking across the street, the last thing that should be on their mind is a car going 40 to 50 miles an hour barreling down exceeding the limit. Even though villages and towns will allow passing in certain areas, is it really going to hurt someone who is behind a car that follows the speed limit? Yeah, there are ones that go under the limit which makes sense, but the patience wears thin on ones that don't like others following the exact speed limit.

Some people even think passing a bus is a good idea when it isn't. I've never seen that myself, but my younger brother has. He saw a car pass a bus and the driver ultimately got busted. There is no reason to do it. It is extremely dangerous to not just the children who may have to walk across a street, but any cars that are in the vicinity and could get damaged. You have to let these buses and their drivers do their jobs without fear of potential incidents.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is to take it easy and relax when it comes to speed limits. You will get to places on time, even with following a speed limit and following the rules of the road. Plan ahead depending on the time of year and what can occur at the specific time you go to a specific place. Add in patience and you will make it a safe experience without causing any harm or damage. If only some people realized that.

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