Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jabrill Peppers: Health Issues or Hiding Something?

The NFL Draft is tomorrow and there will be plenty of players that could go the first round and be potential playmakers or busts. One of those in question was Jabrill Peppers out of Michigan University. He was a versatile player that could excel on defense and be a hard nosed tackler and maybe a decent return man. Some analysts have put him as a first round pick, but that could change to later rounds. If anybody has heard the story by now, Peppers had a diluted sample and it is counted towards being a positive sample in a drug test.

ESPN's Adam Schefter was given a statement from Creative Artists Agency, a group that represents Peppers. What a spokesman said was that he was sick and is known for having cramps. At the NFL combine a few months ago, the statement said he was given a substantial amount of water, which was eight to ten bottles. I drink two to three bottles a day, but I wouldn't think a sample would be diluted. If anything it would be clear or yellow, depending on the hydration of the individual.

Could it be health issues, though? Maybe. However, I wouldn't be too sure... yet. The NFL should look into it and see if maybe Peppers took drugs before the Combine and if he did, go through the league's drug program if he gets picked by a team. Some players still think they can sneak in some PED's or drugs and not get caught. With all the tests now these days, it's next to impossible combined with social media and everybody's damn cell phones.

Whatever the case, the damage is done at the worst possible time. Peppers could wind up being in one of the later rounds. Maybe he can defy the critics and put up a good rookie effort in the NFL and show why some teams should have drafted him in that first round. Only time will tell tomorrow night if he gets picked. Whoever does might have someone they can depend on in certain facets of the game and grow into a potential Pro Bowler/All-Pro if he doesn't wind up with anymore positive tests. If not, say hello to the documents for your banning via Roger Goodell.

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