Sunday, April 30, 2017

Catacomb 3D: Id's 2nd 3D try

With Hovertank, Id Software knew that things could get better if you keep working at your projects and get better with the technology. The capabilities was there. It was just a matter of fine tuning it to where you can outline a future project and do so much more and convince people to get computers. Catacomb 3D takes the first person approach, but in human format where you only see your hand on screen. This isn't a review. Maybe down the road, I will give a detailed one, but these are quick thoughts.

As I said in the Hovertank review, ( John Carmack was a genius with engines. Whatever he did with Catacomb 3D, there was decent improvements. It's the little details like the walls actually having textures and not being random colored walls. Enemies looked a bit more detailed and the hand sprite is not bad.

The way the game plays, it's like a lot of Id games. Part of it is like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and though published by them, Heretic. You have ways to heal yourself, use special weapons. There are lots of secrets with enemies. Like the Commander Keen games before this, you're hunting for keys. It feels like a big blueprint for how to be successful and be one of the most recognized companies in the world. Everything feels set up so that when Id did make Wolfenstein, they knew what worked and what didn't.

On May 5th, a review of Wolfenstein will be uploaded to this blog to commemorate 25 years of its original release in 1992. Hope to see you then. Do check out Catacomb 3D.

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