Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PlayStation 4 1 TB For 300 dollars

The PlayStation 4 has been on the warpath since releasing in November 2013. It capitalized on the mistakes of both Nintendo and Microsoft and has since made it to over 50 million units. However, one issue that persists other than now with cockroaches was that the base model was 500 gigabytes. Looking at it now with all the games file sizes, it's not enough. Someone at Sony must have been smart enough to realize that, because they've made a big change.

PlayStation 4 will still have a price of 300 dollars, but you are getting a 1 terabyte system. It was way overdue and is going to persuade many people who were optimistic to possibly purchase the system. As far as potential price drops go, maybe it might be 1 terabyte and 250 in a year or two, but that's a big question mark. But, as Sony continues on, they are reaching their peak with this system and it has a few more years of getting this system to steamroll the competition before focusing on a new system if they think the industry will want another console from them.

Either way, it was still overdue and I think hitting it at the right time. It will definitely be harder for Nintendo to compete despite the Switch's strong debut. Microsoft will have to step up their game once again in order to not lose any of its audience. With a number of games that cater to older and newer gamers, 100 million users may not seem out of the question.

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