Sunday, April 16, 2017

Plans for the Blog (4/16/17)

This is going to be short, but here goes. I've been testing the waters out the last two months and have tried to get content out every day. It's learning the ropes as you continue on and this past week, I've gotten some of my highest pageviews through sharing my posts throughout the day they are published. Thank you for viewing them if you are reading this blog. That being said, I do want to plan out my intentions with this, and here is a few things you might expect.

1. 1-2 blogs a day: My intentions are to have this site get new blogs every day. I will plan out at least one. Sometimes, I might pull off two because either I might plan that or something sudden came up, like what happened to Charlie Murphy recently. ( Either way, I hope to keep people coming to the blogs. If you know people that would like my content, tell others and follow the blog.

2. Specific blogs: I'm thinking of putting out certain things on certain days. I want to review every short of The Simpsons beginning April 19th and continuing to do so starting Tuesday the 25th. Every Tuesday, you'll get to see a new review. I also liked the fact that my channel trailer blog got 30 views, so every Friday starting next Friday, I will put up what I have done on YouTube for the week and keep doing that unless I don't put up any videos for the week.

That's about it for now. I want to have a schedule on the content and again, give a sincere thank you for anyone viewing the blogs and continuing to show up and read them. It's greatly appreciated. Here's to hopefully a stronger future.

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