Saturday, May 20, 2017

Alien Covenant: A Potential Return?

It's numbers were decent for Thursday showings, but Alien: Covenant is another attempt to have the franchise back on the path of success. Ignoring the last fifteen years of films that involve an Alien, but there hasn't been a solo film in the series since Alien Resurrection back in November 1997. With Ridley Scott at the helm for directing it, it could determine if people are still interested or if Fox should just stop. Here's my very quick thoughts on how the film could perform.

Sure, it may not have the strongest box office numbers, but people definitely want a film in the franchise that could be as good as the original Alien and/or Aliens. It's hard to top those two in terms of either wanting action or horror. I think just having Scott, who directed the original back in 1979, could convince people that it could equally good. How that fares is a different story. Considering how Prometheus did with Scott directing it, it could be something like Planet of the Apes where moviegoers are hungry for more and could potentially make more movies of Alien.

This could be the film that is number one this weekend over Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. It's going to have steep competition for the next few weeks. Baywatch and the fifth Pirates film from Disney come out this upcoming week. Captain Underpants and Wonder Woman headline the start of June. It could be a top 3 film, performing possibly behind Pirates depending on how well that film does.

Horror has changed a lot since the 70s. The biggest question is whether Alien can deliver. We can only find out after this weekend.

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