Thursday, May 4, 2017

Orioles-Red Sox: Grudges 2017

It's not hard to see why people can't stand Boston sports teams and their bandwagon fans. This latest incident between the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox is getting very ridiculous. Someone is seriously going to get hurt and sent to the hospital or killed if things don't calm down and a suspension or fine has to be pretty severe.

It all has to do still with Manny Machado and last week's incident which led to almost getting hit in the head. ( Tuesday's game is an indicator that this grudge hasn't been let go. A great pitcher to begin 2017, Chris Sale has been phenomenal and their main star to lead the Sox. However, that is all for naught when to begin the game, he threw at Machado. Warnings were issued and Machado did not mince words when saying he lost respect for the organization. The game before, Red Sock Mookie Betts was hit by Oriole pitcher Dylan Bundy. Whether this was a reason to hit the guy is very stupid.

Someone in the higher ups of Major League Baseball has to really put the hammer down the next time another incident like this happens. If the next game by the time this blog is uploaded has another incident, someone is going to be in very big trouble. An umpire is going to eject someone if this escalates even further.

At this point, you can't blame Machado for his rant. The frustration definitely mounts once it happens a second or third time depending on one's patience. This will be the big story of the year if this continues on. Such a shame this grudge is still going on because of an unintentional injury that was accidental and not malicious.

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