Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Insensitive Fans

I wrote a blog back in March (http://sullivanentertainment.blogspot.com/2017/03/kentucky-wildcats-2017s-worst-fanbase.html) about the Kentucky Wildcats having the worst fan base. An incident last night almost puts Boston fans in that category, but no threats of violence or killings doesn't make it number one worst for this year.

Whether this has to do with the last series could be a factor. Long story short, Baltimore Orioles Manny Machado injures Red Sock Dustin Pedroia by accident. A few days later, Matt Barnes throws at Machado's head and all sorts of bad blood was seen that weekend. With the latest series in Boston, Adam Jones had to deal with the obnoxious Red Sox fans. Last night, a fan threw a bag of peanuts and was thrown out of the game. It's almost like that episode of Seinfeld where Newman talked about pouring a beer on Roger McDowell, minus the spitting. (magic loogie) Jones also had to contend with racial slurs pointed at him.

The city of Boston is a nice place, but damn are the Red Sox and mostly the Patriots fanbases awful. It's a bunch of bandwagoners who probably don't know about some of the players before the 2000s. Guys like Carlton Fisk, Mo Vaughn, Maurice Hurst, and Irving Fryar. I know there are a lot of other good to great players, but you get the point. The Red Sox have it much easier due to having some of the greatest players to hit or throw a baseball and not being painfully mediocre for a long time. That being said, some don't know a number of these players unless it's their poster of Tom Brady. They probably listen to the CSNNE reporter Tom E. Curran, who doesn't act like a professional journalist in defending his Boston teams. At the very least, they are not like Philadelphia, who have cheered for career ending injuries, throwing snowballs at Santa Claus, and pelting draft picks they used to have with batteries.

If this had to do with the last series, then that is very sore of Red Sox fans. Jones didn't even do anything. He is just committed to playing baseball, and he has put up a good career with the Baltimore Orioles. For this to happen is going to escalate whenever the next series goes back to Baltimore. Fans will fight back against their opponents's fans. Not physically, but verbally, insensitive or not. The Orioles are a good team that can't get past the Divisional Series. They are going to be water cooler conversations in offices a lot more if this rivalry grows due to some of the veterans and young players.

I got a feeling it's not over yet, and the punishments will be more severe. Not steroid or substance punishment, but it will be pretty bad.

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