Monday, May 1, 2017

New 2DS XL: Nintendo's Continuing Effort

Whatever Nintendo has up their sleeves, a new 3DS iteration will possibly the last thing you will see unless they surprise others with something else later on. Coming out in July is a New 2DS XL. Looking at the design, it looks really good and the price isn't half bad at 150 dollars. It does seem a little overpriced, especially when some stores still have 3DS' at 200 dollars still. That being said, it could be a last hurrah before Nintendo pulls the plug on this handheld.

Nintendo has come a long way from its fumbling with its handheld when it launched in March of 2011. People liked it, but the price hurt it and there wasn't many games that made it want you to go out and get a 3DS immediately. With a price cut and some killer apps, it hasn't looked back one bit and has pulled off good sales. However, it's final numbers whenever it finishes will possibly not reach even what the PSP did from 2004 to 2012. In a time where phones dominate over traditional gaming handhelds, brand recognition certainly helps.

I watched a video a few days ago about this system and the person saying that people are saying doom and gloom about the Switch and how this will hurt it. I would actually agree with this YouTuber, who said it wouldn't harm sales. I think it's different audiences, and really with being out for six years, Nintendo is going to try and get anybody that is new to handhelds to invest into a 2DS XL and keep support going for at least another year. They know who to target and who will it.

Nintendo has put a strong effort into actually trying to promote their systems and games this year. This is what they need to do instead of lollygagging like they did with the Wii U. If these first few months are any indication, they are back in the game big time. But only they, especially in Japan, can either put up another successful run or fuck it up like they have had since 1996. The ball is in their court. Can they give customers a year to remember?

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