Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What Are Girls Wants and Needs?

This isn't a Valentine's topic, but a relationship one overall for guys and maybe girls who have some frustration. Personally as a guy, I'd love to go on a date with a girl. Develop a relationship in hopes of getting married, have kids, the usual shtick. But what drives a girl to want someone in their life? That significant other?

Well, that depends on what they want and what they need in their life and relationship ideals. I would say they would want someone intelligent and vice versa. There might be a few that get tired of the low IQ ones and break off the relationship. As far as looks go, I think there has to be a little bit of competence. While girls might vision a Fabio or some model, they have to be realistic about the person being average looking or at least have a nice face. Of course, there is the common interests aspect. Sometimes, opposites do attract for specific reasons. There are girls that are into the outdoor scene. Things like fishing, hiking, the whole nine yards. Then there is the ones that are geeky, or homebodies.

That being said, you do gotta be careful with girls personalities. They might have a political side that might be different from yours. Having their own kids from a previous relationship might be a huge obstacle depending on that situation. While guys do get the brunt of having affairs, girls are capable of doing affairs of their own, so I would be a little cautious. There's a lot of things, but it's up to both sides to say whether or not they want to be together.

Overall, just be yourself and don't get nervous like me. Have the confidence to begin a relationship and let it grow into something special.

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