Thursday, February 1, 2018

Shut Up, Millennials! (The Whiny Ones, At Least)

I will always consider myself a Generation Y kid and generalize 1983 through 97 as that group. Unfortunately, that ugly phrase, millennial, is used in place of Gen Y and is accepted as that. However, that's not that point of this blog. This is about whiny millennials crying about James Bond 007 films.

Most people now these days will find a vast array of films, showcasing different eras of time. James Bond has been a relevant franchise since the 50s and since the 60s with the movies made around Ian Fleming's secret agent. In the case of millennials, articles are publishing about the whining about how racist and sexist the early ones are. This is considering recently as well that they are not just criticizing 50 year old stuff. The TV show Friends has gotten criticized for homophobic jokes and lines, and that started airing from 1994 until 2004.

To the ones criticizing this stuff, this is what I have to say. Shut the fuck up, you over privileged, over sheltered, coddled, spoiled, rotten, uncultured, thin skinned, over sensitive, snotty, four flushing moronic pieces of shit. These kind of films and shows are a product of their time. You can't criticize every little thing that happened back in 1962 and expect it to be like 2018. There was a time where you could say queer. Now, we don't today. I wonder how any of you will react to Austin Powers, which was a huge parody of Bond films and had a lot of sexual references.

I wonder how many would react to stuff from plays like A Streetcar Named Desire, which came around in 1947. It's sad that these kind of millennials are getting offended so easily by different eras of film. They are not the only ones seeing them. Hell, when Looney Tunes started releasing their shorts on DVD, they put up a few things in them to say that their very old cartoons might have certain things that reflected the era they were in. After all, most generations have seen at least a cartoon or two of this group. It'll be funny to see how many would also react from the One Beer episode of Tiny Toon Adventures or any kids cartoon with smoking or drinking.

These millennials crying need to grow a pair and look at culture from back then without bursting into rage and tears. Despite how racist Blazing Saddles is, it is still a very funny film. One of these days, they will get older and a new generation will do the same thing. It is an endless cycle, only except today, they vent on social media. The Internet may be great, but it is a very dangerous weapon.

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