Monday, February 5, 2018

Hero to Zero New England

The New England Patriots lost last night to the Philadelphia Eagles. Matt Patricia coordinated one of the worst games of his career, giving up over 500 yards and 41 points in last night's Super Bowl. One of the big blemishes and fails to people was not how much the defense faltered, but who wasn't on it. A game time decision was made not to have corner Malcolm Butler play. The result was not getting any snaps on defense.

For those who don't know, Butler was an undrafted free agent who signed with the Patriots in 2014. His name would be recognized after his interception at the very end of Super Bowl 49. After that, he has played three more years which includes this last one. He has been one of their bigger contributors to the secondary. That being said, something must have happened. The media asked that question to him and coach Bill Belichick. Belichick said it was a coach's decision. As usual, he is vague and doesn't explain in detail. Not too long after the game was finished, the media tried to get something out of Butler. In the end, he thought the team gave up on him.

For as much as I don't care for both Super Bowl teams this year, this has got to be one of the biggest gaffes not just for a New England team, but any team overall. Butler didn't exactly have a great 2017 season, but it wasn't horrible. Considering the first half of the game, he probably could have made a few plays, especially when his replacement Eric Rowe got burned on Alshon Jeffrey's touchdown catch. This will be on Belichick's conscious for a while, and it will be talked all year, even when the 2018 season comes in September

Belichick will view 95 percent of his team as expendable. As I've said, this is the guy who cut Bernie Kosar in the middle of the 1993 season when he coached the Cleveland Browns. He's not afraid to find new personnel for both his offense and defense. Even with that, it's not entirely the defense's fault, though it was mostly that. The Partiots didn't run the ball too well. Questionable throws despite Brady's 505 yards. It's definitely a few other players, but the defense made it worse and rightfully so.

If anything, Butler's time in New England is over. Not a pretty way to say thanks for his four years. From hero to a big zero, that will sting a lot worse than the Super Bowl loss. Belichick is selfish at times and doesn't get it. Unfortunately, I think we won't get an honest answer. The Patriots have a lot things to look over and how they deal with their defense is another story. Dreams can be a nightmare.

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