Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Seinfeld: The Baby Shower Review

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David wrote every episode of Seinfeld prior to The Baby Shower. This one here was headed by Larry Charles, who was responsible for a number of episodes up until its fifth season in 1994. It's an episode that attempts to give Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer a story with their paths crossing altogether.

For the title episode reason, Elaine is holding a baby shower for Leslie, a girl she knew in college. She doesn't have a place, so Jerry give her his apartment as he is going out of town to do some stand up. Something about her friend makes her want to do this. and gain George went out with Leslie once and got chocolate sauce on a shirt, resulting in him wanting revenge. Kramer's story is getting cable installed for free for Jerry from Soviet cable installers.

With Kramer's story, it becomes something you will see out of Charles' episodes. Jerry decides to get cable installed and gets a visit from the FBI. Kramer squealed and the cable installer was undercover. The result is Jerry trying to escape and getting killed. Charles was always known for dark plots and absurd moments. Whether these helped Seinfeld or not is up to you. In The Baby Shower, it is used very well and funny. Check out the bloopers for this episode as Jerry can't stop cracking up when Kramer starts mumbling about the death of his friend. It turns out to be a dream and the stand up is cancelled because of a snowstorm.

Everybody gets together by the end of the episode. The night of the shower, George gets Jerry and readies his revenge on Leslie. Kramer has the cable installed and the installers begin eating up the food. One of the additional stories includes Jerry going out with a girl once and not calling her back This one loses her shit.. In the end, things go south for everybody except Kramer. Leslie is still not pleased about Elaine. George's shirt gets worse, and Jerry gets the cable uninstalled with unforseen consequences.

There's not much else. One of the recurring things is the mentions of the Kennedys within a five year span. Other than that, another solid episode that stays consistently funny throughout. Not the greatest of story lines, but it's getting there.

Score: 7 out of 10

Next week, a nice jacket and Alton Benes.

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