Saturday, January 6, 2018

NFL Wild Card 2018

Another season, another set of NFL playoffs have started once again, beginning today. Here are some quick thoughts and predictions.

Today's games should be an easy one. The early match up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans is one sided favored towards the Chiefs. Offensively, they are an explosive bunch and the defense can hold its own and play well. With questions on both sides for the Titans, Arrowhead should be happy to get a win unless there's some unforseen circumstances like blowing it against the Colts four years ago. On the other side is the LA Rams having their first home playoff game in Los Angeles since the 1989 season against the Atlanta Falcons. Both sides can play with tough running games, defenses that don't give up, and good arms to throw the ball. It all depends if Atlanta can keep up and hang in the game, but the Rams seem destined to get into the Divisional Round. That's who I think advances.

Sunday's matches could see any of these four win. The early game is the Buffalo Bills going up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Buffalo could win, but it all depends on LeSean McCoy actually suiting up from last week's ankle injury. They can prevent passing touchdowns, but the run defense is one of the worst. Facing the number one rushing team is a huge task, as well as Tyrod Taylor needing a perfect game. It should be in the books as a Jacksonville win, but don't rule out the Bills entirely. Blake Bortles could throw interceptions and rely on Leonard Fournette to help the Jags. I think it goes to Jacksonville winning. The question is: How much with they win by?

New Orleans and Carolina are the last match of the weekend. For the Saints, a much better defense and a punishing ground game bolstered them into the playoffs. That's who I see going further into the postseason. As strong as Carolina's rushing is, it is inconsistent. The passing is far from great, but not horrible. It all depends on how the defense can perform. They can pull off an impressive win, but every facet has to be near perfect. Any mistakes, and it could be a blowout.

Next week, we will look at the Divisional Round and who should advance to the Championship game.

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