Monday, January 29, 2018

NFL Super Bowl Prediction 2018

This upcoming Super Bowl is either going to be very grand or very disappointing. There is no third option for how this will end up. For the sake of this, let's get into both sides.

Right now, the Philadelphia Eagles are riding high on their defense. This is the group that has been on a high level in their two games, but in order to win, they need to keep it going for 60 minutes. Keeping eye on the running backs of New England is critical. Nick Foles proved worthy last week, but it will be a daunting challenge to pick apart the Patriot defense. So far the run game hasn't exactly been firing on all cylinders, and it might have to rest onto the passing game. Keys to winning include getting the rushing attack to prosper, staying on a high level on defense and Foles playing it smart.

There is no happy ending for the Patriots. A dark cloud will still hang over both Belichick and Brady, whether they win this Super Bowl or lose. If they were to win, they need the defense to actually play for 60 minutes, not just the second half. Who do you cover, though? Philly has receivers that can move anywhere on the field they want. Obviously, the passing game is still strong, but running the ball, like the Eagles, is a daunting one. Keys to victory include playing defense for all 60 minutes, getting the ground game going, and avoiding huge pressure like the last two weeks.

As much as I don't care for both these teams, it's going to be a New England victory. I would go 28 to 21. The Eagles can only do so much on offense without over-relying on the defense. That being said, I could see the city of brotherly love winning it, but a potential riot could occur. I would hope this would be a good game, so let's see how things go on Sunday.

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