Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Seinfeld: The Heart Attack Review

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David must have put a lot of confidence in Larry Charles to write episodes during Seinfeld's second season. He was at the helm for the last one, The Statue. Here was another with The Heart Attack, This one is mostly a George and Kramer plot with small ones from both Jerry and Elaine. We also get a look at some of the wackiness of Kramer and the unseen friends he knows about.

Jerry, George, and Elaine eat at Monk's when George starts thinking he is having a heart attack. His two friends don't buy into it, especially Jerry. With a trip to the hospital, it's not a heart attack. Instead, it is just a need to remove his tonsils... again. The gang visits him, and Kramer finds out the about the tonsil removal. He advises against it with a mention of Bob Sacamano having a botched surgery for a hernia. A suggestion is made to a holistic healer, Tor. Of course, George accepts that.

The guys go to the healer. Tor, played by Stephen Tobolowsky, fits in that eccentric kind of person that only Kramer would know. He wants George to try or stop using certain things, does a few rituals and attempts to help with the tonsil issue. All three have different mindsets and that is where it is funny. Jerry doesn't buy into it. George is a little concerned about the methods. Kramer will believe anything. The second half of the episode is a bit out of control and will have you laughing until the end.

B-plots for this one are pretty small. The episode starts with Jerry watching a cheesy movie with Larry David acting out the character in the film. He thinks he has material for his stand up and writes it down during the middle of the night. However, he can't figure out what he has written. No one can describe it. Not even Tor. Elaine's plot is meeting George's emergency doctor and going on a date with him. It's not a normal one as he holds on to her tongue to describe parts of it and the taste buds. Both of these stories will net a few chuckles.

This is a very funny episode. Leaps and bounds, probably the funniest of the second season.

Score: 9 out of 10

Next week's episode review involves Mickey Finns and concrete revenge.

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