Saturday, March 3, 2018

Keep Business Open or Closed in Winter?

For people who live in places that can get snow, they either get that luxury of having a day off from a really bad storm, or they have to bear it and go in for whatever amount of hours they have for their shift. That decision is not an easy one to make for owners of places and management. Some might close for the day or have a specific shift in for one part and close once that working shift is over. Even then, it could still be bad when making that treacherous drive back home.

I've worked a few times during the winter where a decision was made to close early due to the snow. Getting home will take twice as long as you would think. Now, while businesses are in it to make money, safety feels like an ignored priority. Not everybody lives within a mile or two of where they work. Co-workers have worry about sliding on the road and seeing accidents on the side of the road. Night driving is way worse due to limited visibility and not knowing if there are people and vehicles in the way.

One might say "Why not take a sick day?" to avoid the roads. That's isn't a bad thing, but abusing it could get you fired. At least it's a legit reason than faking an illness. Decisions have to be made in a flash, though some will wait until the morning to determine what they plan on doing. Unless it seems very likely, they would likely go by what they hear and what they see themselves. That applies to school as well, but they have to have that required number of days.

It may suck, but you don't have much choice if someone decides to be and/or stay open. If you have to work during a snowstorm, use extreme caution. Highways aren't always the best choice and back roads will be much harder to navigate through. Leave earlier than usual, and be aware of everything around you. Last thing you want to deal with is injuries and damage to a vehicle. A safe trip to anyone that works a job during the winter.

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