Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blade Runner 2049's Mediocre Start

For this past weekend's set of films, nothing stood out. My Little Pony didn't do much, but could be worse, and The Mountain Between Us was between Blade Runner 2049 and It. For Blade Runner, it could have been a number of reasons why it made just over 30 million dollars domestically.  Unless it gets strong legs, which I doubt, it will be looked at as a box office bomb.

A problem most sequels have is when to release one. The original Blade Runner released in 1982. Although it didn't do too well, it's considered one of the greatest films in science fiction. Some are rather quick to have a new film such as the horror movies like Saw, which has a new one at the end of the month. Then there is ones that come out after a long time. People wanted new Anchorman and Dumb and Dumber films and they got their wish.  I think you can get away with it in certain science fiction films with the idea of futuristic stuff.

Releasing in the fall is not always a bad thing. You can avoid the headaches of the summer blockbusters. Blade Runner 2049 seemed to catch on with the idea, but maybe people not knowing about the original could have hurt it a little bit. The original isn't really on TV a lot. It has more of a cult status despite the classic status is gets. Then again, the average person may not be interested in either one. Maybe it not being your typical popcorn flick is something that rubs some the wrong way. I don't know.

Regardless of reception (which has a lot of praise at the moment), Blade Runner 2049 has a lot of competition in these next few months. With it being October, there is the usual glut of horror movies. November has a few big name films with sequels. Most notably is another glorified Marvel popcorn flick in Thor: Ragnorak. At 150 million for its budget, 2049 better hope it can get a strong foreign performance, which was strong this past weekend. Unless there's a surge at some point, it could be tough getting to 100 million domestically.

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