Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Annoying Commercials

For as much as I want to rip on New York City based newspapers and their armchair sports reporters, there are many things I can't say. Instead, I'll go a different approach and talk annoying commercials. It seems like most now these days aren't clever or even well made. Some might be ones I mentioned in other blogs. Others may be new. So without further ado, lets begin.

Truth: This is an anti-smoking ad that usually airs on something like MTV. Typically, they use cheap ways to say things about how bad smoking is. It wouldn't be annoying if they just backed what they say up. They don't put up anything that they reference. I'm not against smoking even though I don't smoke, but the effort is not there. It's a cheap gimmick, much like the Ad Council. People are still going to smoke and these commercials are a huge waste of time.

Little Caesars Pizza: I love a good pizza. Local or franchise based, a good slice is excellent. Little Caesars likes to promote how much more cheese and pepperoni they have on their pies. Do I have a problem with that? No. What I do have a problem with is how they act like it's a bad thing such as the one ad with the dad not getting a Little Caesars Pizza. It comes off rather obnoxious. A pizza is a pizza, no matter what. Honorable mention is the Di'Gornio commercials berating anyone who orders pizza instead of their overpriced ones.

Geico/Progressive: I'm lumping these two in since these are truly wastes of ad space. Geico's not even about car insurance anymore. It's a waste of resources and money to do set pieces such as the music ad with the triangle guy acting like Marty McFly from Back to the Future. It's a shame. One bright spot is that it doesn't have the abysmal mascot idea like Progressive. The less said about Flo, the better. One thing I forgot to mention in a previous blog is that talking insurance box. I don't think they even try with this ad. It feels forced and out of place. Yet, they have turned it into mascot type of campaign. Overall, it's a shame that they don't get the point across 95 percent of the time.

DirecTV: Most of the time, I don't have a huge problem with DirecTV commercials. Usually, they are funny. With the recent ones, however, I don't get it. In a nutshell, they are saying people that stick to cable are stupid, hence the bad things they show people doing. (spoiled milk, sleeping in poison ivy) There is trying to do things better than the competition, but this isn't even something I would put on the air. It's similar to ads they did five to six years ago, but today trying to act like cable people have a low I.Q. I'd rather see the "don't crash into a dinner party" ad again.

I suppose I'll end here and give the wrap up. These are the ones I find annoying. There are many more I wish I could write, but that will take forever. Why can't these commercial writers be smarter with how they come up with ads? We'll never know.

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