Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bad Umpire Sues Baseball

Put up a list of the worst umpires in Major League Baseball, odds are you will see three names that are still in the game today. Two are morons Joe West and C.B. Bucknor. The focus of this one is Angel Hernandez, who has been umpiring in the majors since 1993. As of last month, he has sued the league and commissioner Rob Manfred for racial discrimination. It is something that Hernandez says that has been an issue since 2011.

Hernandez, a Cuban born guy, has put a lot of blame on Joe Torre, who is chief baseball officer and has been since 2011. He says the then manager in 2001 criticized him after some call he made. Allegedly, Hernandez has supposedly not gotten the chance to be promoted and what not. His lawsuit talks about white umpires getting chances because of race and few other reasoning factors.

Hernandez is going up the creek without a paddle. These are tall accusations, and he doesn't realize the big picture. He is hated and known as one of the worst umpires in Major League Baseball. While every person that calls a game is not perfect, he is an example of one who gets calls wrong more often than not. There's a reason why players and fans can't stand the guy. When you hear chants telling you you suck, that's a good indicator. I can't tell if that ever happened to Hernandez, but it definitely happened to Joe West. Between these two, they are the most notorious umpires today.

I wonder how many complaints Torre gets all the time about how bad umpiring is in certain games. If players are having issues with Hernandez, there's not much he can do other than not have him call important games. He can't obviously fire him because of union things that would prevent that from happening. The same could apply to West and Bucknor. Unfortunately, fans, players and broadcasters have to deal with the brunt of it day in and day out.  There's nothing they can do until some of these umpires retire. Then again, there will always be a successor that could potentially be worse.

I think this will come down to the lawsuit either being dropped or Hernandez settling things out of court with the MLB. Maybe he can try to be better at umpiring. You can't reward ones that are often at the bottom of umpire lists. (unfortunately, people like West do get rewarded)

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