Sunday, March 26, 2017

Losing Stores

Change is a double edged sword. Sometimes, certain things happen at particular places that you will enjoy. Other times however, it would be annoying as well since you can't replace it, no matter what. My local mall has Radio Shack and like many other parts of the United States and maybe the world, the decision has been made to close off a number of stores due to bankruptcy. You find it a little hard to believe and then it's gone. Who knows when exactly they will shut down in the one near me. It seems like maybe another few weeks.

It says a lot about my local mall. When I was very young, they had a lot of stuff. Big named stuff with a few local stores. Around 1996, there was JCPenney, KB Toys, Fashion Bug, Foot Locker, GNC, Payless ShoeSource, and K-Mart. The rest off the top of my head was the movie theater, a local pizzeria, and an arcade. Now these days, a lot of changes have been made. Unfortunately, they have a hard time selling space to people who may be open for only a few months on end. Most of the big named stores are gone with JCPenney, Payless, and GNC still existing. There has been expansions around that area since at least 1995 and not just the mall.

Now, one place I really wanted to go to in that mall was a used game store. It had been around for quite a bit of time before I started going there a little often around 2009. I found it a bit surprising that they were shutting down in 2014 due to the owners going for retirement. A few weeks before they closed up, I managed to get quite a bit of stuff that was 30 percent off. After that, the closest used game store that isn't GameStop (not a bad place) is 50 to 60 miles away. There was a point where you could get everything at your local mall. To be fair, they are trying to get back to what they were about 20 years ago.

A place my mother really liked going to was Ames. It was an outlet store. They sold all sorts of stuff there for reduced prices. It was a place both my parents went to quite a bit. Probably the last time going there was 2003 after the company filed for bankruptcy a few years prior. In that particular area, there was Napa Auto (which is still there), a couple gas stations and a Burger King. (which shut down around the same time as Ames) There was a Grand Union that shut down around the mid to late 90s with Wal-Mart and a few other grocery stores coming around and overtaking where people would go to. Sometimes, those competitors can cause a huge decline.

Speaking of decline, I do believe people will still go to a store and buy things that they need that isn't food. There are still people who are not willing to go online to an Amazon or Ebay to buy stuff like clothes or garden supplies. Concern is always a big factor. Some people may not be willing to sell stuff or take a long time get. The product could be broken or ruined. It's not simple like in the movies or television. I'm not saying don't shop online, but take it with caution. That being said, going to a store, that product you are looking for may not be there at all. Options could be going to another store that is similar to the one you were at, or taking the online route. Either way, retail is not going to disappear anytime soon. They are still important in today's society.

It sucks to lose a store.

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