Saturday, March 25, 2017

Insurance commercials: Overused

In today's world of television, you will constantly be seeing car insurance ads or any insurance ad. No matter the channel, it's that, car commercials, health, doctors, whatever. There was a time where the point of an ad was to show the rates of the insurance you might want to go to or switch to. Or even show that certain things can happen, and that your insurance company will be there for you at any time. Now these days, it's to do a fucking skit and then mention the company at the last second. Whatever happened to just explaining things?

Really, one of the worst offenders is Geico. For a company that has been around for 80 years, it's a travesty they can't get the point across. Even with their gecko ads which aren't horrible, they go overboard. I think it goes back to their days of the Cavemen in the mid 2000s. Unfortunately, it got popular to the point where they even got a TV show 10 years ago which was a big disaster. The last four to five years, it's been these "It's what you do" ads, "what's not surprising" commercials, and a couple other garbage ads. It's these overdone commercials that have nothing to do with car insurance. These are a huge waste of money, but legions of idiots will watch the commercials no matter what.

They get the point across a little more than Geico, but Progressive is a group that only has one advertising campaign. I don't even know when the last time they did an ad that didn't feature their spokeswoman, Flo. As far as the ads go, they do a decent job of showing rates and explaining their insurance depending on its ad. However, they go overboard with their campaign, which has gone on for a very, very long time. Even to the point where they try to put Flo in the real world stuff with family, TMZ parodies, and old TV show endings. They make as much sense as continuity in a sketch comedy show.  Unless it's different anywhere else, I see no other ads that don't involve her. They are a little simple depending on the ad, but the over excessive use. Down the road, something new has to come and replace it. Or at the very least, try to do more than Flo ads.

State Farm's main thing is sports. You're bound to see an Aaron Rodgers or Chris Paul commercial where something bad happens to their house and/or car as the commercial explains for every good thing, there's a bad thing. It is to the point. If I were to make a point on that, it's that no matter what kind of person you are, you will have those highs and lows as seen in the ads. They haven't gone too overboard, but my big complaint is the fat Packers fan ads, which I think they stopped the last year or so. Still, State Farm knows it's not just sports ads. They show normal people through all parts of live and saying they will be there for the disasters and big moments for individuals.  Whatever the case, they put up a better effort than Geico and Progressive.

The first time I really heard about Liberty Mutual was through their "Humans" commercials where people are in a bad situation and it gets worse. For example, a guy throwing a football, hitting someone's grill and setting a van on fire. I thought it got its point across pretty well. Then, they ditched it for people standing and explaining some bad situation with the Statue of Liberty in the background. It wouldn't be so bothersome if they didn't overuse some of the same ads. It's in the same boat as Progressive. I don't want to hear for the thousandth time the same black lady complaining about getting three quarters compensation for damages. They've done that with a few other people. Now they are trying to feel a little more down to earth with some of their latest commercials. They still got a way to go before they get incompetent.

There's not much to complain about regarding Nationwide, Farmers, MetLife, or even Allstate.  Allstate has the right sense of not abusing the same ad over and over. They've done well at keeping the Mayhem commercials fresh. Still having Dennis Haysbert (Major League) is a huge plus. To be honest, I honestly haven't heard any MetLife stuff since last year when they used the Peanuts gang. Outside of NASCAR ads, I don't see much with Nationwide other than a few song ads (Brad Paisley as one example) Farmers commercials do seem overproduced, but the fact these are based on true incidents shows the point that even the weirdest can lead to talking to your insurance company. Something like a dog setting a house on fire. The ad was getting a pizza slice on a kitchen stove and turning a knob. The actual claim was for wanting a birthday cake that was set on the stove. It happens and it seems they would believe most stories, even if they feel wacky.

I'm looking to expand further with other blogs regarding commercials. This is something I hope to continue with other kinds of ads. (fast food for example like those Sonic morons) If you got anything else that would fit for a blog like this in terms of commercial overuse, let me know. I'll end by saying thank goodness for things like DVR and recording on your box. Without them, it would grow tiresome hearing the same robbery Geico ad. Five (or seven) minutes of commercials are gone with the power of fast forward.

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