Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Big Trouble in Little Ball's World

An incident in China not too long ago lead to three UCLA college basketball players winding up in jail. With some help from President Trump, who had been doing a visit through Asia, they were released and brought back to the United States. One of the boys was Liangelo Ball, son of frequent loudmouth LaVar. LaVar criticized Trump for not making an effort to get them out, with the President now thinking he should have left him in jail.

LaVar is going to hurt his kids futures, no matter what. He's a big mouthed loser who wants things his way. Someone needs to tell him to shut the fuck up and be happy his son is back from China. Most countries are not like the United States in terms of punishment when you commit a crime, and even shoplifting in the 50 states could have someone serve a lengthy sentence. They are not as lenient, and some are quite strict. Stuff like firing squads and even hard labor for even the smallest crimes are things to expect in other countries. The last thing anyone wants to hear that their child was killed abroad or did something to get themselves in trouble. LaVar should be grateful for Liangelo not coming back in a body bag.

I wonder how much this affects Lonzo, the rookie for the Los Angeles Lakers. So far, he hasn't had too bad of a first year. He is averaging 7 plus rebounds and assists per game. A few turnovers and fouls per game, 8.9 points. He's putting up decent numbers. The team is still struggling somewhat, but I would think within a few years, they could cobble up a group that can get them back in the postseason. Obviously, he was going to be in the spotlight. Los Angeles is not an easy place to win in. A lot of extra pressure is on him to win over the city, but also all the crap his father is saying.

Liangelo's stock value (if there is any) for the NBA draft could drastically be affected by not only his shoplifting, but how LaVar acts. Organizations don't want head cases. Unfortunately, it might be too little, too late for this kid. Lonzo could actually last a number of years in the league if he improves season after season. If LaVar can't change the way he acts, the Ball family could find themselves ousted from the social pipeline. Shame on this no hearted prick for not being thankful his son came back.

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