Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lego Panic?

Although Lego has had only two films before their Ninjago movie, it could be a cause for concern regarding future projects at Warner Brothers. While there was no doubt the newest Kingsman movie would be the top grossing for this past weekend, there was the thought that Ninjago would be close to 30 million or over it. That was not the case, as it only got 21 million domestically and an additional 10 mil internationally.

The Lego Movie was a big hit for the start of 2014. It put up big numbers with 250 plus million domestically. Critics loved it. There was more to it than just being a block film with a reliance on the license. Warner Brothers took a chance and it paid off. While there was love for The Lego Batman Movie, it's numbers were a bit weaker throughout the world, making just over 300 million overall and 175 mil in the U.S. With the way Ninjago performed, it may not even reach 100 million domestically.

I could see some people not going for Batman because of the way it's looked in Lego compared to something like the ultra serious Chris Nolan movies or the direct to video releases. Especially for ones who like comic books, they could be unimpressed. For Ninjago, this is a product from its own company, which has been producing toy lines of it for the past six years. Hell, a TV show has been on the air the last six years as well. To be fair, the last episodes were back in May. With that being said, however, kids can get tired of some of the same products.

Maybe it was poor timing. I doubt anyone was expecting It to dominate for this month of September and still have strong legs against these latest newcomers. Is it cause for panic, though? A little bit. There could be a glimmer of hope with The Lego Movie 2 hitting theaters in February 2019. A bit of time off between these two could be beneficial. Until then, it's a matter of what catches on and doesn't. If nothing changes in a few years, whatever projects could be scrapped. There could also be oversaturation. How much more stuff can Warner Brothers do with Lego before low numbers cause them to worry? It goes beyond the films.

I would think with all these horror movies coming out, Ninjago could be a counteract to that and other adult oriented films. Could it hold on, though? I doubt it. Critics aren't exactly pleased with it.
It could have the same numbers as Captain Underpants domestically, but with a possibly stronger international number due to the appeal of Lego. It's all up in the air with what happens next.

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