Sunday, February 26, 2017

What is this blog?

I have been doing this blog for almost a week and want to talk about what my intentions are and hope this thing picks up as I continue to do more and more of these. I really hope that there are people that can enjoy someone's opinion.

I will try to be more detail oriented with what I am doing with this blog, so here goes. As it shows at the top of each one, it mentions my focus on four things, starting with video games. I'm looking towards reviews of games, mostly old ones, so if you are intrigued by games on the NES, Genesis, PlayStation, and other, check them out when I get them going. With TV, I'm looking at reviews a little bit. I really want to look at The Simpsons as it approaches its 30th anniversary starting with the shorts when it debuted in April 1987.

I do love watching movies, and I would like to every once in a while maybe talk about certain aspects like censored for television or being overplayed on cable. As far as sports go, I would like to focus on baseball, basketball, and football, but I would be open to talking about some other sports. There are other things I may want to talk about, and I want to try to stay away from politics, though that will be next to impossible. That being said, I do want to post things that are on my mind.

I'm kind of a geek. My goal is to try to post a few times a week or every day depending on what I want to put on the blog. If you know people that may like what I am doing, get them over here. That's my blog for tonight. I hope you look forward to many other blogs in the future.  That is all.

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